Dee at Petal Fx is a fully qualified theatrical and media make up artist and has undergone health and safety training within the course, she is also CRB checked.

Petal Fx holds £2.5million Public Liability Insurance.

At Petal Fx we only use the best products. All our face paints are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, have anti-bacterial properties and are fully compliant with EU and FDA regulations. Our paints are easily removed with warm water and a flannel or sponge.

Petal Fx reserves the right to refuse to paint any persons who are deemed unsuitable for health reasons i.e any skin condition of any kind, cuts, grazes, sores, chicken pox, severe acne, eczema ect.  We are not obliged to explain our reasons for refusal.

If you believe you may have very sensitive skin, face painting is not advisable however we can always do a skin patch test if the client is extremely keen. or perhaps a smaller design on the hand or arm if deemed appropriate. Petal Fx can not be held responsible for any allergic reactions caused by the products.

Hygiene is very important to us. All brushes are cleaned thoroughly and sanitized after every job. A clean sponge is used for every new client. All sponges are machine washed before re use. Water is changed regularly throughout the day.


  • Face painting is unsuitable for Children under 3 years old. A small hand design may be painted on a child who is nearly 3 but we will never paint a child younger than 2 years old.
  • An adult who is responsible for the child must be present whilst the child is being painted.
  • Our Paints are best removed with clean warm water and a flannel or sponge. Make up wipes and lotions are not advised.
  • By sitting in our chair you are accepting our terms and conditions.
  • We can not be held responsible for any reactions caused by our products used. We therefore do not recommend anyone who has sensitive skin to have their face painted. If you have not had your face painted before we can carry out a test patch on the back of the wrist.
  • Occasionally some colours may temporarily tinge the skin, these colours will fade after every wash.
  • Face paints may stain clothes. Petal Fx can not be held responsible for any damage or staining to the clients clothing.
  • Without prejudice the face painter reserves the right to refuse to face paint someone deemed inappropriate for health reasons and is not obliged to give an explanation.
  •  If you allow your own photo or your child’s photo to be taken by the painter then you are agreeing to this photo being used on any future marketing material and websites they may use for promotion of their business.